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Best Sites for Finding Modern Icons

Just about every design making use of icons holds an unquestionable place within website design. Icons are a staple among web designs, and graphic design, too, because the icons extend to infographics, flyers, brochures, and other types of print materials.

Imagine having to repeat the process endlessly each time you create a new creative project or design. That’s how painful it is to create new icon images from scratch. In addition, that is why the initial generation of icon sites have become so prominent in recent years.

Instead of requiring you to recreate the same design elements on a regular basis, you can preserve your characters or icons and upload them separately. In most cases, it doesn t matter that another individual is using a similar icon. It doesn t matter because your design is completely different. It s unique, and this factor validates the employment of freely available icons.

One benefit is that you can subscribe to premium membership plans on many sites listed right here. Becoming a member entitles you to access to additional icons and content as well.

I’d think about my budget first. My goal wasn’t to focus on paid icons exclusively. I’ve posted this article to highlight free icons, and paid options as alternatives.

A lot of our attention has gone toward sites that fulfill contemporary criteria and are in comparison with the current style of the moment. If there’s anything that we don’t recognize on one of our pages, open your favourite site and give it a look for yourself.

Now before we start downloading free icons, here are the top internet sites for locating and downloading such pictures based on their modern design principles.


Icons8 is my favorite icon site recently, not only because they publish great content and also graphics, but also because the underlying objective is to make the web a more visual place.

Icons8 excels in adopting a wide range of icon styles, so you can easily choose one for a Printer icon. You can also select from all 30 icon styles, as well as customize many of them at ease. The very last thing we want is users to incur additional expenses for editing the icons afterward.

You can add overlays, recolor, or add new text to your image as part of the modification process. Additionally, you can add custom effects such as Strokes, Backgrounds, Padding, and more.

A most frequent characteristic of Icons8 is that is uses vector editing, which means it is available exclusively as a web-based program. Icons8 has an impeccable reputation for icon design, and the icons themselves can be downloaded very quickly.

Last but not least, provide Sketch a closer look if you’re a Windows user and the free Lunacy application will place you within a better financial position than Sketch.


You will always run into this flat surface on nearly every occasion that you look for new icon types. This is thanks to Flaticon either being a primary favored by the FreepikCompany business to help the world prosper through providing top notch visual encounters for everyone or as a result of Flaticon’s endorphins rigorously stimulating the FreepikCompany proponents’ brains.

Other than allowing anyone to download the icons for free, anyone can become a Flaticon author and receive income from premium royalties. In other words, Flaticon requires that anyone using these images link back to the original author.

If you’re the owner of a website, you must purchase the Premium License if you would like to generate a backlink. Proceeds from the Premium License are allotted equally between affiliates.

Frankly, it’s worth every penny ($10 per month) for their premium services. You can select colors, fonts, and other elements to change the icons. And you can download icons in a wide array of formats, including SVG, PNG, BASE64, EPS, and PSD.

If you are a Mac user, you can download the Flaticon OS X application to browse icons without needing to access the web browser!


There’s nothing offered by Iconfinder that is as useful as free icons, and we’re convinced that their efforts are justified: they enjoy millions of free icons in their portfolios. After the Iconfinder platform, similar Libre icon libraries are doing the same: creating a lot of free icons and selling them under the CC0 license.

This means that you will have to give proper attribution to the creator of the particular visuals. Nonetheless, the good news is that you can also use these icons in your professional projects, without needing to pay for them. Proper attribution can be added to nearly anywhere, so you shouldn’t have to worry about posting it all over the place if that’s what you believe you have to do.

More than 3 million icons are accessible through Iconfinder, in SVG format, for individual purchase. Signing up for premium membership costs $9 per month, and allows you to download up to 10 files each month. Then, to maintain your download limit, you can pay roughly $50 per month.


Freepik has been around since 2005 and offers an abundance of stock media content for a lot of different uses. Specifically, this includes pictures, video clips, and playing card icons. That’s not to mention Icons, too.

Each icon has its own dedicated page that provides download links, licensing information, and plenty of other relevant information that may pique your interest. This was one of the features that stood out to me from Freepik. The level of precision that the the site provides in related suggestions is amazing.

And oftentimes, I discover myself downloading up to 5 resources merely because they’re so cool to look at. Something that matters greatly to me whenever I’m working on an infographic project is using the proper graphics to give it a distinct appearance. At Freepik, I have access to everything that I need in order to create that professional appearance.


Unusual Minds, a company that specializes in modern graphic design, and also uses its expertise to develop software, is behind Iconshock. They’ve operated as a graphic design team for over a decade, and collected more than two million original design icons for their service.

Their work has been featured not only in various preeminent magazines of the world but in some of the most widespread software programs currently offered.

These are the inventors of icon design whose works are esteemed on not just visible lists of the world but also some of the most popular digital software available.

Not only are they prolific graphic designers, but they’re also famous for producing new icons on a weekly basis. As a result, they embed their self-made icons into paid graphic design applications or offer them in free graphic software packages to the consumer industry.

Iconshock offers more than two million icons, including many themes such as Material, iOS, Flat, Modern, and so many others. You can select between downloading a single icon, downloading a whole collection of icons, or purchasing both.


In just three years, Pngtree has accumulated tens of thousands of unique thematic graphic resources, including illustrations, vectors, templates, backgrounds, and icons.

Each icon is conveniently categorized, giving you immediate access to a matching design.

There are icons there to download as a PNG or SVG image with a maximum dimension of 512 by 512 pixels. Additionally, you can find icon pages with links to related icons throughout a particular icon web page.

So, you can select distinct shades and contrast adjustments and arrange a motif that makes it easier for you to create your story. It has an online version available in numerous languages, such as Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, and English.


Unlike the various websites mentioned here, Iconstore doesn’t offer regular icon packs. It operates on unique and original icon packs from prominent design firms.

Because what you get is a selection of more than 230 different collections of expertly designed icons, you can get everything from small quantities to large quantities of icons. Users can choose any filters depending on like color, glyph, or outline.

But, that is not the only thing you can do. You can step up a level and search icons based on categories, such as Food, Technology, Multimedia, Design, Development, Business, and many other categories.

The download time on this website is among the quickest in the marketplace, which is exactly why I use it so frequently. Everything else aesthetically and current meets the hype.

Material Icons

At the same time, Material Design had a lot of potential in terms of creating digital content, but ultimately only a few people were attracted to using terms of it in their everyday projects. As such, it didn’t surprise us if, in the near future, Google was the only one to integrate these terms into its projects.

However, the icons Material now has to offer are still wonderful, and their style can be employed in designs independent of Material. Further to this, there are so many divide icons to choose from, perfect for both websites as well as other styles in addition to websites.

Upon selecting an icon, you can change the color from black to white and vice versa. You can also export it into a SVG or PNG file. However, if you do download SVG format in PNG format, you can change its colors as per your personal preferences.


Included in a group of sites we already looked at, FreeIcons specializes in counselling on the most popular of individual icon packs.

Each pack features up to a hundred icons, and the majority of them are well-designed. The overall motif leans towards icons relating to modern technology. But Click through to look through icons with regard to other subject matter, such as cookery, tour, brew, import-mixed, etc.

You can select styles like 3D, Cartoon, Hand-Drawn, Badges, Smooth, and so many others for the photo.


The Streamline company has been lending for many years. And their most recent offering boasts visuals featuring over 30,000 unique characters. Not only are we not talking about a couple of run-of-the-mill icons, but significantly more complex ones as well.

A wide variety of website products routinely use Streamline as the icon library that they recommend using. For example, if you utilize the WpBakery Page Builder plugin, you’ll be recommended to frequently use the Streamline icon library.

IconJar is also compatible with IconJar. IconJar is an amazing Mac software that streamlines the procedure of looking at and organizing thousands of icons with a single click. With IconJar stacked, you can also keep downloading new icons without hassle and access over 30,000 icons in no time at all.

Exceptional icon formats are complemented by high quality icon additions to make framework operations and management uncomplicated.

Font Awesome

Articles about the best icon site cannot be produced without mentioning Font Awesome. It does not make any sense to omit what is evidently the original site for free font icons in the first place.

Since its initial release in 2012, the Font Awesome icon library has exceeded 4,000 icons. And since its release, countless users worldwide have downloaded it.

Send getting to more than 4,000 icons from Font Awesome and continues to add the most popular and sought-after icons. Do not waste time surfing the web, gathering members of the team or locating the trademark logo mesenteric, which can be easily found here.

You can also utilize the Font Awesome icons designer to modify icons and create custom styles.

As accessibility continues to increase in importance, it’s nice to know that Fonts Awesome puts a lot of effort into ensuring full compliance with accessibility requirements.


Without using a single platform like Dribbble, you can get on your design-related topic anywhere. Putting this tool into action has meant steady benefits for millions of people, and it will continue to be beneficial to the world as a whole for years to come.

In spite of Dribbble being most well known for its status as a site where designs can be  posted, you ‘ll locate countless free stuff on this platform if you simply search for  free icons. Just by searching for  free icons, you ‘ll discover thousands of results, 90 percent of which feature links to downloadable files.

Personaly, Dribbble est plus haut de la liste des sites que j’y suis rencontré lorsque je cherche une publicité grille de illustrations libre. Je suis découverte que le variétie (et la qualité!) des illustrations est inférieure à tout autre available on the récit.

Maybe try using different search terms to see which kinds of results you get. For instance, try freebie or free stuff  different designers use distinctive tags to label their content by means of.

Craft Loop

Simple yet stylish Loop Icons is an elegant project from Luca Burgio. It is a collection of some 450 icons designed with the hand-craftsmanship concept in mind.

Craft Loop’s designated motif appears to be social connection with the business world, so it would be best to employ the function on a tech site, or perhaps within a software program for a more dynamic user interface.


UXWing started as a personal undertaking but has grown into a huge source for free icon downloads. You can download any type of icon from UXWing for practically any application. In terms of formal categories, however, the most downloaded icons include objects, icons for charts, emojis, user interfaces, service icons, business icons, finance icons, education icons, social media icons, people icons, and food icons.

Downloadable PNG, SVG or Font Icons are available. Each icon is designed for first-rate technical requirements to enable fast load times. You can also apply custom CSS properties to enhance the appearance. Responsive UXWing icons are rendered properly by all modern browsers.


I definitely think that Iconfactory has a distinctive approach to icon design. At the same time, I think that every one of the platforms mentioned below is a worthy contender for winning Top of the List.

The most important aspect is that you can download and install these icons free to download, and in many cases, only need to attribute the source somewhere on your site. Other than that, you can use these icons in commercial projects, too.

Iconfactory provides a library of gaming-related icons, with a much deeper design depth than we do with web icons or font icons.

Regardless, it is a wonderful site to search through every once in a while and you will definitely find the perfect icon for virtually any project you happen to be working on. These icons would be a superb solution for virtually any design job. I would recommend these icons to all of my customers in a heartbeat!

Closing words

With more than 5-6 million unique icons here, it’s likely you might find just what you need, but it’s important to evaluate the quality of the icons, too. With more than 5-6 million icons to choose from here, you’re likely to run into exactly what you need, but it’s important to consider their unique characteristics as well.

Including the sites mentioned above in this article, I have a lot of favorite websites, so if you have any other free apps to recommend, then please go ahead! Free sites are also great and be sure to subscribe.

I will update this article with further websites and recommendations if I find any. And I’d also like to say thank you to all the Jaden users whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with, enjoy, and enrich my life with.


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