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Best figma plugins for web design in 2022

The best graphic design applications of 2022, I have examined many different software intended for web design in previous years, but Figma remains one of them, and the best thing about it is that it is completely free and has such a helpful online community, which suggests that individuals can develop applications on it collaboratively.

Among the many tools that help with web design are figma plugins. Among the very best solutions in 2022 will be figma plugins for building web site design.

Icons8 — icons, illustrations, photos

Icons8 Background Remover

 Mockuuups Studio

One of the best methods to display your designs are mockups, and here Mockuuups Studio is a highly recommended add-in for FigmaPLATFORM, just create your mock-up and drag it to the plugin, the remainder of the work will be carried out by the plugin itself. It lets you choose between the paid and free plans, in most cases, the free version is a better suit for personal designs.


One cool plugin for removing backgrounds from images is background remover. It is designed to extract the objects from an image.

Mesh Gradient

Gradient effects have recently posed a challenge for web design, which resulted in the release of a new figma plugin called to ease the use of gradient effects in this realm. Highlighting text and coloring the screen’s background are more user-friendly when the new plugin is used.

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Best AI Photo Editors


Rather than buying stock photo photos, which can cost a fortune, a great free figma plug-in contains high-quality images, allowing designer to incorporate picture-perfect images right into their structures.


More than 100,000 free Vector icons are available on the Iconifyplugin page, so you can download an icon using one of the best servers or choose your own icon. Icon quality is fantastic/outstanding.


Find out how to pull thrown into the photo editing software Humanize Tool to create your web design assignment pictures individuals. Use this software for your activity sites or presentation websites.

 Measure Tools

In website and social media creation, alignment will be the most vital consideration. Measuring tools like the Figma plugin can help you create more efficient alignment, indicating the distance between two objects.

Lottie Files

Should you wish to convert SVG animation files to a GIF file(s) in the Lottie design program, then, certainly, this plugin from “figgy” is convenient. You’re able to import SVG animation files directly to the program. It generates Lottie animation (JSON files to GIFs ), so you can utilize it most effectively in prototyping designs.

9. Arrow Auto

Particularly useful in creating app user interface designs, Arrow flow can streamline the process for designing app screens.


There are many great Figma plugins for more web site designing in the following years, We’ll add more web design plugins into one and all of them together with my blog.

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