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13 tips for successful social media marketing

The days of hiring designers may come to an end as we’ve had many open sources and free software for graphic design to install on our computers. But now, web applications are becoming more popular, even the need for installation is being eliminated. Web-based applications make programs more flexible for social media marketing use, no matter where you are at home or the office. When you are in a working session with no reliable web connection, just one of the drawbacks is you’re unable to go quite as fast.

Music, computers, software, video games, and phone apps all exemplify the evolution of today’s free and open-source software industry, which will make it increasingly challenging for proprietary, closed source programming to remain popular among users. What’s more, cost, security, and awareness of risks associated with such applications also factor in your social media marketing.

Despite your trust in a company to do the right thing, you are still placing all your faith in its individual workers, who may not be in alignment with the company’s interests.

Unfortunately, many online services are based on Flash, which is as problematical or even worse than installing an unsupported program on your computer. Thus, you should be cautious when you put your privacy at risk by using anything involving Flash (Facebook included).

Sandboxing is a good idea, and there exist open source operating systems like Qubes OS that make it really simple to safeguard malicious things.

You can find free online graphic design software to do a few different things here at this website. Many of these programs compute one thing, but they help save you time and money, and will let you work from anywhere.

Free Online Graphic Editors

1. VistaCreate (Crello)

VistaCreate is a graphic design app that offers the ability to create stunning visuals in a matter of minutes. Helpful for marketers, bloggers, small business owners, and anybody who wants to upload stunning, professional-quality images for print, social media, and web purposes.

You can select from over 30,000  customizable templates when you sign up for VistaCreate with access. Additionally, the drag-and-drop editor includes many functions to help you edit and customize graphics and create original designs that both you and the vendor will love. The vast majority of the template editing tools are free for account holders.

Massive library of static and animated templates, with over one million images and royalty-free stock files; audio and video files to add to your designs; the opportunity to make your projects using a multi-user account; image background removal; creating online with Brand Kits   all these features make VistaCreate worth checking out.

Even if your capacities do not extend to graphic design, it’s still possible to create impressive visual content with this visual tool. At least 50 different graphic styles are readily available for social media posts, affords, posters, animated presentations, business cards, logos, promotional clips, and a lot more.

2. DesignCap

DesignCap is an incredible resource, but it’s another story if you are used to working with more conventional graphics programs. Implementation isn’t too difficult, but the requirements of motion designer are more challenging to achieve.

  • Use a professional template (there are hundreds of such templates designed for several design needs, including those for infographics, presentations, reports, business cards, posters, flyers, YouTube channel graphics, Facebook covers, Twitter headers, Pinterest posts, etc.).
  • Add elements like shapes, icons, photos, lines, charts, modules, and backgrounds. Add or edit text (this includes the manual adjustments and pre-created text styles).
  • Add gradient parameterizations or patterns to the background. Terminate the customization playing nicely on a smartphone or Mac, then upload it to your laptop.

Developing this workflow takes some time; however, it’s one of the most practical aspects of DesignCap because it has more than a million photos, and millions of icons, so you can easily find one that suits your design style. The upgrade to the paid version is improved, and one of the most important features is the ability to create your own graphic design from a custom size. Design Cap provides  Learn  and  Templates  links, which can be considered quite useful. You very fast have the ability to create inspirational material from those resources, even if you have no idea how to make use of Photoshop tools. The interface is quite simple to begin with, with no requirements to get up and running. Even if you have no prior experience, it’s possible for you to become a seasoned designer.

3. Giphy

GIF images have movements and cycles that last only a few seconds and are repeated in a loop. They’re in style because of their general acceptance as well as their capacity to relay ideas and emotions. Like emojis, this type of animated file is famous online due to its ability to draw attention to communication.

You can create your own gifs or download them on the Web site You can also upload a collection of gifs you have and turn them into a slide show with several at once.

The only thing you need to do is paste the link to the relevant YouTube video in Giphy, where you want it to play out social media marketing, add new texts, tags, and other variables, and automatically press the  Create gif  button. Then, you are able to download your animation from Giphy, and it will be similarly uploaded to the library from there. You can share it on the internet from there as well.

4. Visme

Visme is a one stop shop for the creation of highly effective presentations, infographics, social media graphics, reports, and other kinds of media. Some of its best features are the intuitive, intuitive design process, and how easy content is to publish.Thousands of different assets across multiple areas allow users instantly to curate a graphic content presentation to suit their needs and swap colors, fonts, photos, icons, and other graphics. Visual editors of Visme allow users to have as much or as little control over the graphical-design elements as they want.  Would you like to create an experience with plenty of pop-ups and videos? Go ahead and do that. Wanting to make a basic Twitter graphic? You can create a visually-stunning design within minutes. Visme allows you to get started with a free plan, with plans costing between $14 and $14 a month, paid annually. All elements that can be incorporated into the template are provided, but the content can be uniquely shaped within your templates as well as within the design for various social media platforms.

5. Fotor

Fotor is fortunately not quite similar to other online graphic designers. Clicking on the links on a browser will direct you to download the mobile app on Google Play. The real users of PCs usually do not use Linux.

If you use Fotor for photo editing and collage making, you’ll get three tools: one for the Fotor app proofreader, one for designing photo collages, plus one for making a graphic art signature. Most of the instruments and features are accessible without a charge, yet if you would like to access added tools, enhanced features, and an easy-to-use experience (if this is important to you), then you should try to pay the costs.

Fotor’s founders put up their product in the eyes of most segments of the commercial industry, making them one of the most searched for. Least most likely to meet the desires of most Windows users is the pirated software industry, which has greater accessibility to pirated Adobe products.

6. Venngage

Venngage is one of the most powerful platforms that allows users to create and maintain infographics for social media content. 

Choose from over 10,000 clipart designs to create aesthetically pleasing infographics, presentations, eBooks, and white papers. All templates are highly customizable, allowing you to reflect your brand and message.

Venngage enables users with countless chart visualization options to incorporate even the most complex data into an engaging story. You can easily load in your data into the Venngage editor, and the charts make the whole process for you.

Venngage offers My Brand Kit, a tool making branding images completely possible with a single click. With a tool like Venngage, you can produce amazing infographics that will help promote your business’ in social media platforms.

7. Desygner

A dynamic that is a tool for graphic designers and other visual artists allows people to edit pictures quickly and control the image’s details. Over 20 million people and 60 thousand companies use this dynamic’s features. Aside from more than 190 million images stocked in the Desygner library, you can choose three-dimensional and professional images for the challenge by simply providing the appropriate material. It is simple to design websites and designs, social media covers, images, banner ads, pamphlets, online invitations, cards, presentations. Use Desygner to have a high-quality product. You can find the ideal graphic file for your project, it contains vectors, illustrations, and photos.

How to use Desygner?

You can do all the activities using Drag and Drop Software, and you can collaborate with teammates. Tools such as printing, editing graphics online, royalty-free images, resizing images online, PDF editing, creating an organization library and brand kit, and locking your designs are at your disposal with Drag and Drop Software.

8. Freepik

Vectr and Gravit Designer are two of the best vector graphics editors available for social media marketing specialists. It allows you to create graphics, icons, logos, illustrations, and presentations.

Creating an infographic from scratch using this software requires detailed technical knowledge and is time-consuming when it comes to motif creation. Many templates can be found in .eps and .ai files you can find online to help you get started. Take a look at the Freepik website, for example, and purchase a template there. You can then customize your design on Gravit.

Creating an infographic from scratch using this software requires detailed technical knowledge and is time-consuming when it comes to crafting right social media stategy. Many templates can be found in .eps and .ai files you can find online to help you get started. Take a look at the Freepik website, for example, and purchase a template there. You can then customize your design on Gravit.

9. BeFunky

BeFunky offers a combination of photo-editing, collage-making, and graphic design tools. Upgrading to a paid account gives you access to more features to succeed in SMM. However, the maximum permitted output image is 4000 x 4000 pixels, which is about as high a resolution as you should use for output. The updated version also allows you to work in full-screen mode and is not full of advertisements. However, the subscription is not the wrong amount for $ 34.95.

Fotor and BeFunky are comparable to each other in that Fotor is suitable for macOS, Linux, and Unix, whereas BeFunky works perfectly on Linux, Teebane, and Windows. BeFunky’s wide array of icons and templates will work wonders on promotional materials, such as banners, posters, cards, infographics, and brochures.

The interface lies somewhere between Pixlr and Canva, but it is larger than Pixlr and smaller than Canva. It is possible to find a number of tools in the package, but they’re influenced by this model so that the first thing that a visitor probably thinks is, “Oh! It’s a renamed version of Fotor, but it’s not really.”

To the left of BFK’s site, you’ll find a full catalog of its featured applications. You will get acquainted with these products in case you need them quickly. Even if PhotoShop is not the only photo-editing software you’re used to working with, you’ll still be able to perform photo tasks effectively using one of the programs listed.


Genially is a great application for interactive graphical presentations. It offers various graphic templates to capture the info and data to be displayed in you SMM strategy. The additional value that Canva and Grafio have over its alternative is to allow multimedia elements, such as videos, GIFs, and hyperlinks, to be incorporated in the infographic. It’s important that the incorporated multimedia elements inspire or capture the interest of the viewer while on display.


The ability to create almost anything you can think of could conceivably be great! You could create games, presentations, interactive images, or infographics today, and I will enlighten you about, what I think, one of its essentials as well as less known of this tool: Interactive books.  To develop immersive encyclopedia lessons, I’ve taken advantage of the Geniacally online platform, offering life to these worlds of knowledge that also happen to be useful for modeling problems. All theoretical knowledge appears in them automatically, and the students discover it naturally and logically, thanks to the possibility of ordering the knowledge in layers of  Furthermore, they give students the advantages of being able to put up with a wide range of learning styles, improving their motivation to learn, autonomy, and participation.

11. Piktochart

What I like most about PiktoChart is that I can use it to great effect for my revolutionary Marxist group, but the drawback is that registering an account is required. Whether I use PiktoChart or not, somebody must register an account first.

On the other hand, they’re very generous with what they permit you to do with a free account. Compared to other freemium products reviewed here that cost $5 or less per month, Piktochart wants you to begin comparatively at $24 per month. The upgraded version lets you upload more files, permits high-resolution exports, lets you produce high-quality PDF exports, makes your street slightly better to others.

They go about trying to find you repeatedly because of their emphasis that you are not who you say you are and all of the stories that you share. They don’t even see the demo of the app unless you give your information and email address.

While I enjoy some of the features offered in a free watermark account, I think those paid enough to make up for the controls the watermarking feature may provide. Even if your watermark appears in your graphic or you have to work at a lower resolution, it can be worth it to you.  If you’re interested in creating additional high-quality infographics for your office, it would be better to present your offer.

12. Online Image Optimizer

Online Image Optimizer from Dynamic Drive has numerous free tools and scripts available, primarily used for web design purposes. In this case, you can use the image optimizer to make a picture more user-friendly to the viewer. Although it is limited to image files with a maximum size of 2.86 MB, this should not pose a problem if your image is larger than that. Thus,1645m is optimal for images of this size.

13. RawShorts

You can launch animated and graphically interactive competitions on RawShorts to impress your audience.

The platform comprises several templates and a cinema library, and this will bring you professional results. You can even establish graphics and dynamic characters quickly. The tool is user-friendly and intuitive. Spreadsheets of various elements are available for use, and some are completely free. It is possible to create a spreadsheet from scratch, customize it as much as necessary, or develop a template from which to preview and edit an infographic. If you want to use other resources, you must subscribe to other plans.

When making design decisions, don’t forget to ensure that they meet both aesthetics and functionality requirements. You can also experiment with color palettes to find ones that are enticing and consistent with the visual intent.


Graphical designs are visual representations combined with information, data, or knowledge. It has been a popular practice over the internet because these graphics help us more quickly understand and practice unfamiliar concepts. Likewise, our brains are particularly well suited for statistical analysis featuring graphic images. Subsequently, visualizations help to transfer knowledge more effectively than if we simply communicate using text and numbers, which is useful in the classroom.

A few years ago, only a few academics, companies, and government institutions were interested in hiring graphics designers who had access to large amounts of data. However, with the advent of free web applications and online data publications, it is now possible for everyone to create beautiful graphic designs.

People can learn to present a large amount of data creatively and fun way beyond the typical PowerPoint. All these tools make it much easier to produce an infographic. Isn’t it?

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